You can buy good bulls anywhere. We’d like to tell you about our cows…

The base of our cows herd is sired by Sitz Alliance 6595, Traveler 6807, EXT, Right Time, Right Time 338, Final Answer and Thunder.

Open 8 Genetics currently runs approximately 350 registered Angus cows and 150 commercial cows. All registered cows are AI bred to specific bulls to get the best results for our customers and all commercial cows are recips in our ET program. We breed 100 cows per year Simmental for half-blood SimAngus Bulls and heifers. We feel that capitalizing on heterosis is an important tool for putting pounds on calves for the commercial cattleman. Our embryo program is growing every year. The cow herd in Broadus originated from strong maternal cows, selected primarily from Sitz, Mytty, Coleman, and Oxbow. We are very proud of the donor cows currently working in Broadus. The Milk Creek Red Angus donor dams were born and raised at Bruce and Tena Ketchum’s ranch, just south of Baker.

As a cooperator herd, we’ve been sending bulls from Baker to Circle Ranch in California and New Day Genetics in Missouri. The cow herd in Baker is primarily Simm/Angus, also focusing on maternal strengths. The Simmental pedigrees include 3C Wally, Shear Force, Olie, Alumni, NLC Payday 16P, Entrepreneur, and Circle Old School. These Simmental bulls have crossed exceptionally well with the previously mentioned Angus pedigrees.

In the fall of 2017, in conjunction with an American Simmental Association program, we DNA tested every producing female in Broadus and Baker - approximately 1600 head. This will verify pedigrees and increase the number of eligible sale bulls and potential replacement heifers. We also recorded hip heights and individual weights.

“Open 8 doesn’t just sell bulls, they also use the genetics they produce in their own commercial operation.”